How to Build Adaptability

Dear Students,

Here is some wisdom from the site Mystic Mama on the theme of Adaptability:

“Adaptability is the ability to take a current situation or circumstance that is either unfamiliar or somehow unacceptable and instead of resisting or blocking it, accepting and allowing it through choice. Instead of putting your energy into resistance and judgment, choose instead to put it into being resourceful and proactive in any situation."

Read the full brief here. I also find inspiration from Mark Nepo's Book of Awakening with daily meditations and deep insights.  He says:

"So underneath all our worries about careers and jobs and retirements, our purpose really comes down to living fully, to being alight with who we are beneath all the names and titles we are given to aspire to. . . I am more than my job, more than where I live, more than my relationships, more than my history, more than my name. I am the flame of life living in this body." 

I just returned from Camp Grounded which provides powerful experiences to put down our names (you go by nickname only), titles and jobs (no work talk/networking), technology (no digital tech), substances (no alcohol/drugs) and stories that define us to be more fully present with who we actually are in each moment. It's truly incredible to see hundreds of adults drop in quickly to shedding these outer layers things and see what arises - overwhelmingly it's a palpable connection to childlike play! 

Note: this was originally written in May '16.  This week I am heading back out to the woods with Camp Grounded to turn off my phone and disconnect to reconnect. I look forward to sharing this year's insights upon my return.