How Does Stability Feel?

Dear Students,

Here is some wisdom from the site Mystic Mama on the theme of Instability:

“We all yearn for stability and perhaps even reminisce about old times when things were a lot simpler. But this is where we are now and there is no going back.

“It is not going to get any ‘easier’ but we will get used to it and adapt to this new vibration that is part of our evolution.

“Old stable structures are loosening and breaking apart and new ones have not yet been solidified. It can be a very exciting and creative time if you don’t succumb to fear and stubbornness. The instability brings with it a variety of possibilities and potential for creating opportunities that would not otherwise be there.

“Needless to say, we all will feel a bit mentally unstable this month . . .Instead of going into a panic, use this instability to be more creative, to ‘think’ outside the box, to allow for solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues to suddenly appear.”

Try a short exercise for stability: 

  • Sit comfortable and breath in and out of the nose for a few moments.  
  • What does having a sense of stability feel like in your body? Your breath? Your nervous system? 
  • After you hold this experience shift to: What does having a sense of instability feel like your body?  Breath? Heart rate? Nerves?  Notice any differences.  
  • Feel a resource (whether it's your feet on the ground, your core/center or otherwise) and feel what bodily responses are associated with instability. Feel into the ground - notice what bodily responses are associated with stability. Now feel into both instability and stability at the same time supporting each other in your body. 

To close the practice do some breath work. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for 7, exhale out the mouth for 8 counts and repeat this cycle 3 more times.  

Come back to normal breathing, and write down any helpful learnings.