A look behind the lens

In today’s world we can be bombarded with a constancy of shiny images on social media of travel, food, relationships, style and more. It’s fewer and far between that people are willing to share the grit it took to get towards a finished product or goal.  We put singular figures on a pedestal without much acknowledgement for the work done behind the scenes. 

As I launch my first website, I’d like to share with you a brief look behind the scenes of the short video you will find on my homepage or directly here.  My marketing coach and friend, Crystal Marie Higgins advised me to create a video introducing myself for my site.  I agreed in theory and in practice, I took a big gulp in hesitation.  While I’m more comfortable than most speaking in front of a group (due to practice), I have had minimal experiences on camera.  

I also felt a block arise in wanting to tell more of my authentic story, which includes having had episodes of depression and anxiety and feeling vulnerable at the prospect of sharing this publicly.  The people who most inspire me are the ones who tell it like is, providing a raw and real look into their lives and interpretation of the world.  The video showed up as an opportunity to further become who I want to be, one of those truth tellers.  If you live in Northern California, like me, you often here about synchronicity and signs ☺ and I do believe in things happening with alignment.  A talented filmmaker entered my life during this time and offered to help with this project. Thank you Jayson Carpenter of Pull Focus Films

As we started with the process, I identified my blocks and with support soon felt my fear turn into anticipation and even excitement!  And then some of those pesky limiting beliefs I’ve had about myself starting to show up again. They were mainly around my voice - not liking the sound of it, not feeling that I expressed enough passion, not liking my lack of perceived range and so on.  Ultimately this was arising from a big old feeling that I am not enough.  This feeling of “not enough-ness” is shared by many of us.  It cripples our momentum and has us stay in unhealthy patterns.  It keeps us small. Seemingly safe. Unnoticed. Sound familiar?
I credit the self-work I have done throughout my years that enables me to know and process what my limiting beliefs are, how they make me feel and what sensations I feel in my body when they arise.  And still we must keep going to make progress. So I kept working at it - refining the language, taking deep breaths and seeking feedback from trusted advisors. The result is a video and website that I am proud to share with you.  

Step Into Your Strength - Tips For Your Journey
*When something triggers or incites a reaction in you, create space to get clear on what it is bringing up for you. Then take a walk or sit in meditation.  
*Surround yourself with caring and supportive friends and allies who will compassionately push you forward. This might feel like tough love at times. When I felt this during my recent process, I remembered what a mentor says, “Loving someone is wanting them to win.”
*Trust yourself.  Share what is true for you.   
*Appreciate yourself and those who have supported you. 
*Celebrate the progress and wins and…
*Keep on truckin!  You are more than enough.

I hope you enjoy the video and site - let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

In gratitude,