Weekly Class Schedule


This is a fitness-based Heated Power Flow class, moving from pose to pose. It is appropriate for all-levels, with modifications given for beginning and more advanced students. Each class begins and ends with a short meditation. 

Sundays at 9:30A
Left Coast Power Yoga (Uptown) →

Claire has been our teacher for over a year. We keep coming back to her because she is the kind of teacher who always wants to give to her students as much as she can. She connects with and deeply cares about them.

Her classes are very comprehensive. She focuses on every aspect of yoga, including breathing, alignment, poses and endurance. Her classes are great for all levels, yet they don’t feel too hard and are effective. Claire is also very committed to preventing injuries which shows in her detailed and clear instructions for all the postures.

Claires’ classes always feel invigorating, mellow and fun. Time passes without you even realizing it!
— Laxmi, Health Care Manager & Prabhu, Engineer