Yoga can help you Gain more energy, release stress and increase creativity as well as productivity in the workplace.


Private yoga sessions offer you an opportunity to strengthen and refine yoga exercises tailored to your individual needs and goals. 
Claire works one-on-one with students and small groups. The private class setting can be particularly nourishing if you find yourself discouraged in public classes - whether you feel that you are not at same the level of the class, or the environment is too stimulating.

It is recommended to begin with a five-session package to see the best results. The sessions can take place at your location, or at a space that Claire arranges. She is passionate about the importance of bringing yoga and mindfulness practices into office environments and personalized settings, and is skilled at teaching to all levels - from beginners to advanced students. 

I love your classes- the pacing, sequencing and your sweet energy and sense of humor.
— Amber Field, Professional Musician


Whether you work in an office environment full or part-time and have a standing or sitting work space - repetitive motions and a lack of movement throughout the day can make us feel stiff, stagnant and tired. We are meant to move! Bringing yoga to your office is a great solution to help your team feel better and find more balance. It can also be an effective tool to aid in team building. After class you will feel lighter and more prepared to tackle the work ahead. 

Claire has taught regular classes for companies in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, bringing the benefits of the yoga practice to a range of industries including Food and Beverage, Health Care, Technology and Data Management. Students leave feeling replenished and look forward to their weekly yoga sessions. Yoga provides a much needed break to help you re-charge.

“Claire comes to my office once a week and this makes it much easier to incorporate yoga practice in my life: instead of having to go to a yoga studio, Claire brings yoga to me! By practicing with Claire I’ve learned to use the body to calm and explore the mind.”
— Savina Astor, Associate Scientist at Ripple Foods

Weekly Classes at your office 

Office yoga and meditation provide an excellent and convenient way to increase your workforce’s movement, flexibility and mental focus. 

Team Building Yoga Workshop

Teams are the strongest when they have clear objectives, goals and communication strategies. Take a break to stretch your body and connect with your team through yoga, meditation and group exercises will do more than help your flexibility. 

This workshop can be custom designed to include partner yoga poses, group reflection and relevant take away's on the different strengths and growing edges present with your team.  

Claire has been a pleasure to work with since the first day she arrived to our office; she created customized sessions for our staff’s specific needs including stretches for those who sit a lot and wrist exercises for lots of computer work, all while accommodating varied skill levels. She has a gentle approach and even those who had never tried yoga prior felt comfortable participating in the class. I would highly recommend her for group or individual sessions.
— Sandy Cruz, People Operations Manager at Captricity

Office and Private Rates: Start at $150/hr.  Package rates available and encouraged for consistency.

Contact Claire at (415) 407-2777 or below to bring the benefits of yoga to your office or home!

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