Hi there, my name is Claire and I am honored to be a part of your yoga path whether you are just setting out or have been practicing already.   I specialize in supporting people who are interested in exploring the many benefits of yoga and meditation practices to improve overall quality of life. If you desire to feel greater strength and ease in your body, more awareness in your mind and clarity and vision on our path then please join my public classes or private yoga sessions, where together we can work on meeting your personal goals.

At 17, my mom took me to my first yoga class. At the time, my thoughts were consumed by coming of age dramas.  From that first introduction, my thoughts slowed down and I tapped into a sense that yoga created a space for deeper self-knowledge, processing and ultimately peace. I have been a committed student ever since. This doesn’t mean that you too needed to have started yoga in your teens to study with me. In my classes, it is not required that you arrive flexible, focused and strong. I encourage you to start where you are, meeting yourself on the mat on that day. At the start, yoga was not easy for me but required discipline. The benefits I felt over time including increased relaxation and integration, less stress and anxiety and feeling more at home in my body has kept me returning and then training to share this with people like you.

I want to invite you to step forward, dig deep within yourself, establish your foundation and from there express greater freedoms on your mat and in your life. Join my email list in the upper right of this page. Find the link to my public class schedule here and email me directly regarding private session rates. You will also receive periodic updates with meditations, wellness tips and information about my classes and upcoming events.  I look forward to connecting and supporting your journey on the mat!

Images provided by Giant Eye Photography.



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