Hatha Flow

Mon & Wed: 7:15p
Yoga Tree Telegraph


This class will teach the practitioner to build skills into flowing sequences with a focus on combining breath with movement. Students will learn to refine postures and move beyond the limitations of the body and mind.  


Power Yoga

Tues: 9a


This class is for beginners and new Yogis. Same style as our other classes but with more explanation and slightly slower-paced sequence. Non-beginner students welcome too!  Left Coast Power Yoga, Grand Lake


Candlelight Flow

Thurs: 7:45p


CandleLight Flow is a relaxing Moving Meditation, which centers around breath and longer-held poses. The room will be slightly warm but not hot for ultimate relaxation. This type of yoga allows the central nervous system time to relax, unwind and recharge. A wonderful treat at the end of a long day! Left Coast Power Yoga, Grand Lake



Sun: 6:15p


Warm up with a short Power Flow (Yang) and then enjoy an extra-long set of restorative and relaxing poses (Yin). Focus on taking your practice deeper after the weekend! Left Coast Power Yoga, Grand Lake